About Us

Kohn Commercial Real Estate, Inc. (KCRE) is a local, privately held, real estate company specializing in the re-purposing and sustainability of the emerging neighborhoods of Miami.  Since 2000, our community has taken its place among the top international centers of the art world.  This is not just restricted to the visual arts, but there is also the growth and success of the small independent film and live action theaters.  There are new museums and performing arts venues as well.   Miami has burst onto the scene as a creative center with a mix of cultures blending into interesting visual, musical, and written art forms.  The creative arts have contributed to the growth of neighborhoods that were for a time not too long ago in decline.  Miami has filled the condos that were once considered overbuilt and now there are new towers under construction to accommodate the demand of people who want to be part of this dynamic scene.  The simple reality is that people want to be in Miami.  KCRE has been in the middle of this creative growth by investing and re-positioning older buildings into restaurants, galleries, retail, and other entertainment facilities, we have turned spaces into places.    


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