Camillus House is celebrating its 51st year in Miami and commercial real estate developer TBAm�s Ron Kohn has been an active board member since 2000. �Personally, this has been a rewarding experience as the Brothers of the Good Shepherd continue to make Miami a better and more hopeful community,� says Ron. Run by the Brothers, a monastic order within the Catholic Church, Camillus House is on the front line in Miami serving the needs of the homeless community by providing meals, health and dental care as well as mental health counseling, job training and housing. Many other services are provided along the way including a Post Office and a warehouse for clothing to name a few. Currently, Ron is on the Executive Committee overseeing the Program Committee with responsibility for real estate and programming inside the buildings. �We are currently building our new emergency shelter. It will begin serving our clients next month when Shepherd's Court opens 80 units of housing. The balance of the facility will open in stages over the course of the next 2 years. We are also building 90 units at Labre House. You can see the construction from I-95 just west of downtown,� explains Ron. For more information about Camillus House contact Ron at ronald@kohncommercial.com.