• Thorough review and physical inspection of the real estate

  • Meet on-site management and vendors

  • Review and understand the financial condition and cash flow of the property

  • Understand the overall neighborhood where the property is located 


  • Develop with Client long term strategic goals

  • Develop short and long term strategies to meet those goals 


  • Maintain an on-site physical presence to establish leadership

  • Establish and maintain financial controls of the property

  • Work with vendors to maintain the physical quality of the facility 


  • Working transparently so client knows status of project daily, if required

  • Funds kept in segregated accounts in a format visible to client as often as the client requires 

Exit Strategy

  • Once the property is stabilized or the court case is settled KCRE is able to sell or  lease the property as desired by the client or leave it under management for the long term.