Intelligent Marketing is the Key to Success. The Kohn Commercial marketing strategy is built around the assumption that media is fluid; and that the way we advertise today most likely will not be the way we advertise in 2 years, or 1 year or even 6 months. This is important because we believe there is a place for newspapers and periodicals (old media), but that the new media options available today and those being developed can be broad or targeted, and can be very effective and efficient if used intelligently. 

Another consideration is the way different age groups are getting their news / information; and in which formats they are reading. Older readers are primarily reading print and some internet from mostly static websites, where as younger readers are almost exclusively getting their info from social network sites (Facebook, Linked-in, Instagram) and blog-formatted websites that allow/encourage users to post content. Readers in the middle are using everything. 

Our main focus is digital. Our website uses both static HTML/Flash and blog PHP formats, with RSS feeds. We post our listings on  the MLS, CoStar, LoopNet and other real estate listing sites which includes a 3-D virtual tour. We host site-specific, live virtual walk-throughs and create customized video tours. In addition, we send out email blasts of our newsletters, inventory, current auctions and active listings to various lists of brokers, investors, owner/users, banks, attorneys, buyers, and tenants. We can also send property specific digital brochures and newsletters and we also run targeted ads on various social media platforms.

The other advantage of digital is we are reaching potential buyers and tenants across the country and around the world. We believe, and results have shown, that our strategy works, and it is important that you trust your property to a company that is consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to marketing your asset.