Kohn Commercial Real Estate, Inc. (KCRE), founded in 2004, is a full service real estate provider delivering solutions across a wide range of real estate disciplines.

  • KCRE operates as a third party brokerage representing Sellers, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants.  The company specializes in commercial real estate east of LeJune Road, north of the Miami Central Business District up to the County Line.

  • KCRE manages property for its own account and for third party Landlords.  The company currently manages approximately 500,000 sq.ft. of industrial and commercial properties.

  • KCRE provides services as a receiver and asset protection.  The company has acted as a court appointed Receiver for multi-family communities acting on behalf of a community association.

  • KCRE is a specialist in foreclosures and other distress situations, and represents Lenders in providing asset protection and leasing or sales activity on their REO properties.

  • The company buys non-performing assets and repositions them for new uses.  KCRE also buys nonperforming notes and sees them through the foreclosure process.